Research (Anii Data)

This page contains a small corpus of Anii texts with glosses, and some small wordlists.  Please note that some of these glosses are not yet final versions (final versions will be posted as available).  These texts are currently being processed in Elan and Fieldworks, please contact me if you would like those files.

Corpus of Anii Texts

Texts with audio recordings (contact me for access to audio files):

Story 1–Hakimou and his Friend   (speaker ATTI KALAM Hakimou)

Story 2–Malokia in Nigeria  (speaker IBRAHIM INOUSSA Malokia, questions from FAFANA Moumouni)

Story 3–Nouhoum School Story (speaker BABABODY SALIFOU Nouhoum)

Story 4–Selling Oil (speaker ATTI KALAM Hakimou, questions from BABABODY SALIFOU Nouhoum)

Story 5–How to Become a Zemijan Driver (speaker BABABODY SALIFOU Nouhoum, questions from ATTI KALAM Hakimou)

Conversation 1–Growing Rice (part of a conversation between BABABODY SALIFOU Nouhoum and ATTI KALAM Hakimou)



Texts that were originally written (no audio recordings):

Blo1141 Nigeria

Blo1148 Sickness

Blo1152 On Stealing

Blo1160 Bassila Market Day

Author (all four texts): BABA BODY Salimatou, Bassila

Folktale (Swallow going to heaven)

Journey to Cotonou (Author DJABOUTOUBOUTOU SEIDI Aboudou Razak, Bassila)

A Typical Day (Author ISSIFOU Rahinatou, Bassila)


Here are two short wordlists (about 200 nouns and about 200 verbs).  Transcriptions are in IPA, with L tone noted as lack of accent in the verb list, and as a grave accent in the noun list.  For discussion of the tone of final consonants, please see my dissertation.

Anii Noun List 2017

Anii Verb List