Research (Academic Projects)

Papers that are published or submitted for publication:

Under Review. The Anii Language: A Progressive Linguistic Island in Togo and Benin. Journal of Language Contact, special issue on Language Islands in Africa. 

2018 [2015-2016]. Temporal and Aspectual Reference in Bassila Anii. Afrika und Übersee, special issue on Ghana-Togo Mountain Languages. Band 92. Prepublication version here.

2012. [ATR] Harmony in an Eleven-Vowel Language: The Case of Anii. In: Marlo, Michael R., Nikki B. Adams, Christopher R. Green, Michelle Morrison, and Tristan M. Purvis (Eds.). Selected Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Conference on African Linguistics. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Proceedings Project.

2012. Temporal and Aspectual Reference in Bassila Anii. In: Bogal-Allbritton, Elizabeth (Ed.), Proceedings of SULA 6 and SULA-Bar: Semantics of Under-Represented Languages in the Americas (and Elsewhere). Amherst: GLSA Publications.

 2006. Morton, Deborah, ed. 2006. Gʊya K’ushile [Market Day]. Bassila: La Sociéte Internationale de Linguistique (SIL).  This publication (and many other publications in Anii) can be found on-line through this website:, under “Documents”

My dissertation, an analysis of temporal and aspectual reference, and of verbal tonology, in the Bassila dialect of Anii, is temporarily available at this link (email me if you can’t access it):

Here are some papers that are not published (because the data is not yet good enough), but may be of interest to anyone curious about the structure of the Anii language:

Acoustic Analysis of Anii Vowels

The Dialects of Anii

Also, here are handouts for all the conference presentations or posters I have given regarding Anii, in reverse chronological order:

2017. The Anii Language: A Progressive Language Island? (Invited Talk)

2017. Language Development and changing language attitudes in the Anii community (co-authored): ICLDC 5 March 2017

2016. Tone and Syllable Weight: ACAL 2016 Presentation

2014. On whether Anii is tenseless: LSA Poster 2014

2013. Tone in Verbs: ACAL 2013 handout

2013. Orthography Development (co-authored): ICLDC 2013 handout

2012. Distribution of the two imperfective markers: ACAL 2012 handout

2011. ATR Harmony: ACAL 2011 handout

(proceedings paper available at:

2011. Exploring Temporal and Aspectual Reference:  SULA-bar 2011 handout

 (proceedings paper published, see

Some of this material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation, Grant #1122303 (as noted in each individual link).  Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.